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DMA Creston History and Instructor Biography

Dragon Martial Arts Academy History

1973: Kwon's Tae Kwon-Do opened in Port Alberni, BC under the direction of Master Kwon, Tae Sung (one of the early pioneers of Taekwon-Do in Canada). 

1974: Mr. Warren Le​e began training at Kwon's Taekwon-Do; and became one of the fastest advancing students. 

1980: Mr. Lee took over instruction of the Port Alberni school and has continued the traditions that were passed down to him ever since.

2000: After Master Kwon's retirement from martial arts instruction, Mr. Lee changed the name of the school to Dragon Martial Arts Academy.

Mr. Derek Hall

(DMA Creston - Head Instructor)

1997: Mr. Derek Hall began training at Kwon's Taekwon-Do under Mr. Lee's instruction. Mr. Hall quickly became intricately involved with the school, and began assisting with children's classes in 1999.

2002: Mr. Hall became the first student of Mr. Lee to be promoted to the rank of Black Belt under the Dragon Martial Arts Academy name. 

2009: Mr. Hall went on to obtain the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt under Mr. Lee.

2019: After a move to Creston, BC; Mr. Hall began offering private instruction in Taekwon-Do to several interested students.

2020: On January 7, 2020, Dragon Martial Arts Academy - Creston opened for group classes.

2022: In August of 2022, Mr. Hall was introduced to Master Tom Thurston, (8th Degree Black Belt, former gold medal winning Canadian National Team member, and the first Canadian black belt student of Taekwon-Do pioneer, Grandmaster C.K. Choi). 

Master Thurston, (who was born and raised in Creston, BC),  began working with Mr. Hall and assisting with classes and belt exams at DMA Creston. 

2023: On March 28, 2023, Master Thurston presented Mr. Hall with a 4th Degree Black Belt certificate on behalf of Grandmaster C.K. Choi.

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