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Green Stripe

The following is a complete list of the techniques and patterns that are required in order to advance from Green Stripe to Green Belt.

(Note: During a test, students may be called on to perform any techniques and patterns learned at previous belt levels).


Floor Work (Basic Techniques)

(Note: As this is a time where students are building a foundation in order to be ready for more advanced techniques; no new basic techniques are introduced. The focus of this belt level is on improving performance on the techniques already learned and self-defense proficiency).

Yellow Stripe Techniques

- Knife Hand Strike, High Turning Kick (Back Stance)

- 2 Wrist Up Block (Back Stance)

- Knife Hand Guarding Form (Back Stance)

- Wrist Front Block & Punch (Riding Horse Stance)

- Knife Hand Down Block, Front Snap Kick (Back Stance)

- Side Snap, Turn Around Side Snap Kick (Guarding Form)

Yellow Belt Techniques

- Punch, Down Block, High Turning Kick (Guarding Form)

- Front Snap, Double Punch, Front Snap Kick (Guarding Form)

- Finger Attack (Forward Stance)

- Wrist Front Block, Punch (Forward Stance)

- Jumping Front Snap Kick (Front Leg), Double Punch (Guarding Form)

- Punch, Side Snap, Jumping Side Snap Kick (Guarding Form)


Patterns (Hyung)

- Dan-Gun Hyung

- Do-San Hyung


Free Sparring


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