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Yellow Belt

The following is a complete list of the techniques and patterns that are required in order to advance from Yellow Belt to Green Stripe.

As this is the first belt level where students engage in free sparring (non-contact); the purchase and wearing of safety gear is required.

(Note: During a test, students may be called on to perform any techniques and patterns learned at previous belt levels).


Floor Work (Basic Techniques)

Yellow Stripe Techniques

- Knife Hand Strike, High Turning Kick (Back Stance)

- 2 Wrist Up Block (Back Stance)

- Knife Hand Guarding Form (Back Stance)

- Wrist Front Block & Punch (Riding Horse Stance)

- Knife Hand Down Block, Front Snap Kick (Back Stance)

- Side Snap, Turn Around Side Snap Kick (Guarding Form)

Yellow Belt Techniques

- Punch, Down Block, High Turning Kick (Guarding Form)

- Front Snap, Double Punch, Front Snap Kick (Guarding Form)

- Finger Attack (Forward Stance)

- Wrist Front Block, Punch (Forward Stance)

- Jumping Front Snap Kick (Front Leg), Double Punch (Guarding Form)

- Punch, Side Snap, Jumping Side Snap Kick (Guarding Form)


Patterns (Hyung)

- Chon-Ji Hyung

- Dan-Gun Hyung


Free Sparring


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